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Resources for teaching English Language Development (ELD)

Welcome to my ESL Resource Site

After fourteen years of teaching ESL in public school, I still haven’t discovered a magic wand to wave so “Poof!” my students master academic English.  In my ongoing search for answers, though, I have put together a collection of resources that will help teachers – ESL and mainstream – to teach both language and content to all English Language Learners (ELLs) in grades K-12.  This is no small task.  ESL teachers need to be familiar with  content area standards and mainstream teachers need to understand and support English Language Development (ELD). We all need to work together!

I hope these resources will help you meet the challenge:

  • Loosely Speaking:  Blog posts and info on site additions or revisions (subscribe to receive updates)
  • Español:  Information in Spanish for parents (padres de familia), bilingual letters and forms, and Spanish language tools for teachers
  • Learning English:  Information on how students learn a second language
  • Standards:  The English Language Development (ELD) standards, the Common Core Standards for ELA and Math, and the Essential Standards for other content areas, and Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy
  • Strategies:  Instructional models and specific suggestions for teaching English Language Learners in different content areas
  • Resources by Content Area:  Glossaries, ELA, Math, Reading & Literacy, Science, Social Studies, and Writing
  • Lesson Planning:  Tools, templates, and vocabulary lists to help you combine content and language objectives in your classes
  • The Law:  An historical overview of major court decisions and legislation, and how they guide instruction, plus information on immigration reform
  • EC or ESL:  Research based suggestions on how to determine if a struggling ELL also has a learning disability
  • Tech Tools for All Teachers:  Handy tools for everyone, not just ESL teachers
  • ESL Sites:  A handful of my favorite sites
  • Fun Stuff:  Links to comic strips for you or your students
  • Bibliography:  A list of my favorite “go to” books

I welcome suggestions for other resources to be included in this site.  Please use my contact form or email me directly at

Jessica Loose – MsED TESOL, Reading Specialist, Curriculum Specialist

 photo credit:  Eve Turek, Yellowhouse Gallery, Nags Head, NC


  1. Great work! I love the redesign on your site including the reorganized subheading layout, your new personalized picture snapshot, and comments! I appreciate your mission to help educate others! Thanks for all that you do!

  2. I agree with you Rachael. The new subheading really helped me find the topics I was looking for – fast. Jessica’s comments have me feel like I am sitting and talking with her.

  3. What a great website, Fraulein Loose! I stumbled upon whilst looking for sample parent-introduction letters. Thank you for providing so many valuable resources!!

  4. Thank you so much! I plan on adding more resources shortly. Please let me know what you find the most helpful and if you have any special requests. Jessica

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