More Than English: Teaching Language & Content to ELLs

Resources for teaching English Language Development (ELD)


Don’t Wait – Accelerate!  Combine Content and Language!  

Whenever you are teaching ELLs, it is best to teach language skills in context. Make a connection, create meaning, let them know the reason for what they are learning.  If you are teaching a discrete grammar skill – which is certainly necessary – tie it to a specific content lesson so the usage makes sense and sticks.  If you wait to teach content until they know the academic language, you will be waiting for five to seven years – that just doesn’t make sense.

Do’s and Don’ts for Teaching ELLs

Instructional Models – Ways to structure the teaching of ELLs dependng on your school, the number of students, and the proficiency levels of your students

Teaching Ideas – Best practices for teaching ELLs, organized by subject area or  skill

Lesson Planning – How to keep your lessons on track so you remember to address WIDA language objectives, Core and Essential Standards, and formative assessments

What all Teachers Need to Know about Teaching ELLs  (complete article)


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